“If you have a critical project that needs funding, come to EI Technologies.”money2


Financing Highlights

  • The loans are exclusive to EI Technologies projects
  • EI Technologies can assist a client to obtain a loan of up to US$12 million on a fast track basis; larger loans are possible but may take longer time
  • The loan requires a 20% down payment by the client
  • The loan will be payable in 5-10 years depending upon the type of project and how EI Technologies and the client draft the application
  • Interest rates are competitive and usually at or below the rate that a client can float a bond

Financing Process

  • Agreement on the project scope, cost and timing between EI Technologies and the client
  • Project discussion with the financial institution
  • Sovereign governments and their institutions are pre-approved
  • If the client is a private organization, the bank will review audited financials
  • Preparation of loan application with the help of EI Technologies
  • Submission of required documentation for loan
  • Loan approval
  • Simultaneous signing of the contract and loan documents
  • Client pays the required 20% down payment
  • Project begins

Eligible Organizations

  • National Government Ministries (such as National Security, Defense, Transport, Energy, Environment, Health, Disaster Management)
  • Smart Cities projects as long as they are supported by the National Government
  • Large Utilities (Water, Wastewater, Electric, Gas)
  • Natural Resources Companies (Mining, Oil & Gas, Forestry)