On April 19 and 20, Nirav Shah, President of EI Technologies, LLC and Paul Kullman, Manager for International Trade, were invited to meet with division chiefs at the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Washington, D.C. Mr. Shah discussed his experience working on projects around the world in the fields of utility efficiency and disaster preparedness.

“Managing Utilities Efficiently” was the topic of discussion, which provided three examples of how EI Technologies helped to improve the efficiency for water, wastewater and electricity utilities. He highlighted that the company’s projects have been completed “On-Time, Every Time.” Gerard Soppe, team lead for Global Water Supply and Sanitation, said that EI Technologies’ work underscored the World Bank’s current emphasis on utility efficiency over capacity build-out. He requested EI Technologies’ help in developing a maturity matrix for Model Utility Development Plan.

Roberto Aiello Energy Principal Specialist and Christiaan Gischler Energy Lead Specialist at the IADB asked EI Technologies to assist with a number of GIS workshops in the Caribbean. They were particularly interested in the firm’s 360 degree imagery capabilities. Adriana Valencia Lead Water Specialist said, “the presentation and discussion were the most useful since my joining the bank.”

EI Technologies is committed to help multilateral banks advance their cause. Our ON TIME, EVERY TIME project management system developed over the past 25 years will help these banks implement effective solution for their client agencies.

EI Technologies, LLC is a full-service GIS consulting firm that specializes in the planning and implementation of GIS solutions for government and industry.

About EI Technologies, LLC

EI Technologies, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Integrated Systems Holding, LLC, and a Colorado-based company.  EI Technologies has completed more than 500 GIS projects for government and industry in the past twenty five years.  EI Technologies is headquartered in Parker, CO, and has offices and team members around the world. EI Technologies helps nation states and large utility customers in North America, Latin America, Africa and Europe.