EI Technologies has designed and developed a number of customized GIS applications for our clients.  These range from simple data collection applications to comprehensive data maintenance and QC toolsets.  Our commitment to delivering quality applications with built-in innovation is the hallmark of our applications development program.

To achieve our clients’ vision of innovative applications, we start each development project with an in-depth requirements analysis.  We then provide a proof of concept to the client and follow up with a series of application reviews until the final product meets the client’s as well as our expectations for quality, data security, and of course innovativeness.  Using our highly skilled applications developers, we strive to complete applications development project on time and on budget.

The following four applications represent a small sampling of the types of applications that we can design and develop for your GIS program.

  • CAMPS – Web Module
  • CAMPS – ArcGIS Online
  • CAMPS – Desktop Module
  • Wastewater DSS – Wastewater Analysis Application