pg_collaborateCAMPS stands for Cartographic Editing and Map Production System. The customized set of ArcGIS tools was developed by EI Technologies in collaboration with our local government clients to enhance user productivity and reduce the learning curve for ArcGIS.

CAMPS has five modules:

  • CAMPS Email Notify Module: allows administrators to send emails based on changes in certain features and attributes.
  • CAMPS Editor Toolbar: provides users with advanced editing tools such as proporational distance, centerline address validation and other needed capabilities.
  • CAMPS Auto Attribute Tool: provides users with advanced ability to auto attribute features based on user defined spatial and database rules.
  • CAMPS Export Tool: allows users to export data from an enterprise geodatabase to shapefiles and personal geodatabase into a particular coordinate system.
  • CAMPS EID Loader: tracks individual features with a uniquely generated numeric ID, which enhances the maintenance and creation of relationship classes.

CAMPS seamlessly integrates into the ArcMap interface and all functionality is availabel through custom toolbars.

The most valuable aspect of CAMPS is its ability to save users time and effort, especially when editing large amounts of GIS data. EI Technologies’ customers report that they save as much as 40 hours per user each month with CAMPS.

CAMPS is used by such local government agencies as Ministry of National Security, Trinidad & Tobago; City of Chandler, AZ, Ector County Appraisal District, TX; City of Oceanside, CA; Kent County Water Authority, RI; City of Longview, TX; and Yuma County, AZ.