Today, local government agencies are required to justify their GIS investments. Many IT managers must now demonstrate a real return-on-investment (ROI) and develop a business case for every investment in technology. ArcGIS Online allows for out of the box functionality that is seamless across platforms and devices. With quality ArcGIS Online dashboard applications you can provide easy access to critical information to executive management!

CAMPS™ Operations Dashboard is the solution!

CAMPS – Operations Dashboard Application is an ArcGIS Online application design.  CAMPS Operations Dashboard comes with four distinct dashboards. Code Violations Dashboard allows the end user access to code violations data including type of violations, action taken, inspector information as well as address and other critical information. Water Main Break dashboard allows real time access to water main break incidents and their status. Sewer Calls dashboard allows access to sewer backup incidents and actions taken along with time it took to resolve an issue. Street Work Order dashboard allows review by work order type, actions taken and other valuable information.