CAMPSWebOrganizations today want to serve their GIS data across the enterprise and via the Internet. Most of EI Technologies’ clients implement web-based mapping solutions to enable their staffs and stakeholders to access geographically-controlled business information from their offices, homes, in the field, and while on the road.

EI Technologies addresses our customers’ information access needs with customized web-based mapping applications that use leading-edge technologies from ESRI, Microsoft, Oracle, and other manufacturers. We build performance optimized web mapping solutions that are easy to use and secure.

EI Technologies’ consultants start the web mapping development process with in-depth assessments of clients’ intranet and Internet mapping needs. We then design applications that are easy to use and maintain. Our web mapping designs take into full consideration both the organization’s resources and the presumed demands for business information on clients’ systems.

EI Technologies’ consultants can design and develop web-based applications for your organization using ESRI ArcGIS Server®. Our consultants will install, configure and test the applications onsite and provide on-call or dedicated technical support to your organization.

EI Technologies has developed web mapping applications for such organizations as the following clients:

  • RigData
  • City of Lawton, OK
  • Ministry of National Security, Trinidad & Tobago
  • City of Longview, TX
  • Yuma County, AZ
  • Town of Parker, CO

Our web applications have allowed these organizations to have satisfied internal and external customers for their GIS services. The applications quickly serve the right information to all classes of their stakeholder communities.