pg_database_designEfficient storage of GIS data requires the implementation of well-designed data models.

EI Technologies offers organizations comprehensive database design and development services. These services include initial database design, conceptual data modeling, physical data modeling, and database implementation. Download PDF Brochure of our Database Design services.

EI Technologies’ database designs are developed by senior GIS consultants (database designers) with extensive experience designing databases for government and the private sector. Our designers use commercial and customized tools, and base their designs on industry-standard data models for cadastral, utilities, transportation, and other feature datasets. Our database designers have helped numerous clients leverage the capabilities of personal and enterprise spatial database technologies. Clients rely on our expertise to implement database solutions that have geometric network and versioning capabilities.

Our database specialists are active in the information systems community. We employ staff who participate in local and regional database and IT organizations so that they are able to transfer their technical knowledge to your domain specialists in your own terms.

EI Technologies’ goal for designing clients’ geospatial databases is to develop data models that will be easy for your GIS specialists to manage over the long run. Our databases provide reliable and expandable secure solutions to the management of your GIS data storage requirements.

EI Technologies has designed multi-feature dataset databases for numerous government agencies. Some of our example clients for this service include:

  • Ministry of National Security, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  • WaterOne of Johnson County, KS