pg_applications_devMost organizations that have implemented enterprise GIS solutions come to quickly realize that they need customized applications to maintain accurate, up-to-date data and to perform department-specific spatial modeling and analysis. To address this issue, EI Technologies offers our clients design and development services for customized GIS applications. Download PDF Brochure of our Application Development services.

EI Technologies’ consultants use industry standard programming languages and database technologies to develop customized GIS software applications for our clients. Our development process begins with a detailed specifications requirement and uses an iterative process to ensure that applications meet the users’ needs. Our developers use their expertise to implement the database capabilities for scalability, reliability, security, backups, and data integrity.

EI Technologies’ lead applications developer has been recognized by the ESRI user community as an ESRI MVP (Most Valued Programmer) for several years. His expertise assures our clients that we will develop excellent applications for them.

EI Technologies’ applications are developed using industry standard tools. We develop applications using ArcObjects, Visual Studio, JavaScript, Java, and other languages. Our applications also rely on the data storage and management capabilities of relational databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Access. They also use industry-leading statistical analysis and dashboard technologies.

EI Technologies’ goal for customized application development is to ensure that end users have the tools they need to enhance their productivity but more importantly to quickly make good operational and administrative decisions.

EI Technologies has developed sophisticated applications for such uses as water analysis and modeling, citizen notification, and fire hydrant inspection and maintenance. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of such technical and scientific topics as hydrology, geology, and civil engineering.

Our consultants use GIS manufacturers’ recommendations for application development and security, and follow practices of the IEEE and NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology).

EI Technologies has developed customized GIS applications for such organizations as:

  • Ector County Appraisal District, KS
  • Regional Municipality of York, ON
  • City of Longview, TX