pg_geomedia_certParticipants in this class will be introduced to basic and advanced functionality GeoMedia Professional. This hands-on class will increase users skills and productivity by teaching the GIS concepts and the mechanics of working with real-world data. EI Technologies’ trainers will fully introduce you to the GeoMedia Professional’s functionality through classroom exercises that include creating data warehouses, connecting to datasets, spatial analysis, GPS data input, map data creation, map generation and more.

This class is designed as a thorough introduction to GeoMedia Pro and is appropriate for the first-time user as well as experienced users. EI Technologies’ trainers will use an interactive approach to introduce GIS concepts and workflows that harness the power of GeoMedia Professional within the workplace.

Major Topics include GeoMedia’s major topics PLUS:

  • Setting Up Read-Write Warehouses
  • Registering Images
  • Using Rasters
  • Feature Placement
  • Editing Options
  • Precision Key-Ins
  • Updating Database Attributes in Batch Mode
  • Updating Database Attributes from Graphic Text
  • Output New Features from Existing Features
  • Inserting Area Features in Batch Mode
  • Validating and Fixing Geometry
  • Validating and Fixing Connectivity
  • Advanced Queries and Spatial Analysis
  • Exporting Data to ArcGIS, MapInfo, and CAD formats

Prerequisite Training: Familiarity with a Windows Operating System