pg_custom_appsThe most comprehensive GIS project is when an enterprise GIS is fully implemented by an organization. These kinds of projects typically involve data conversion/migration, applications development, database design and development, user and administrator’s training, and technical support that may include staff augmentation. Download PDF Brochure of our Implementation services.

EI Technologies’ goal for enterprise implementation is a total GIS solution within the shortest amount of time. We will start with your Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan, and phase in the deployment of software, hardware, data, training, and other components of an efficient and effective GIS infrastructure.

EI Technologies’ enterprise implementation projects typically involve large teams of GIS consultants and specialists. The project manager will be charged with bringing these resources together to meet your expectations, and your schedule and budget constraints.

The project manager will assign senior GIS consultants to lead the database design and development, data conversion, applications development, and systems integration efforts. The project manager will also assign a team of data conversion specialists to meet your data delivery schedule and specifications. Every team member will report project accomplishments and issues to the project manager through designated task leads.

EI Technologies’ goal for the implementation of your enterprise GIS will be to exceed your expectations. We achieve this goal by assigning sufficient data conversion specialists to projects who will ensure the on time delivery of high-quality, accurate data. We will also work to ensure that customized applications perform as described in our specifications documents. And we will endeavor to make sure that database designs efficiently store and retrieve your business information.

EI Technologies has implemented enterprise GIS solutions for such organizations as the Ministry of National Security, Trinidad & Tobago; the Regional Municipality of York; the City of Longview, TX, the Town of Parker, CO, and the Yuma County, AZ.

From start to finish our implementation projects are consultative. We will try to enable your users to access business information and solve problems on their own. We believe that enterprise GIS solutions need to put information out front so that every staff member has access to complete and accurate data. We help our clients achieve this goal during the Needs Assessment and Implementation Planning phase of an implementation project by looking for ways that staff and other stakeholders can easily and quickly use your GIS resources and services.

EI Technologies will keep you well informed about the status of your project. And we will proactively resolve issues before they become problems. Our processes and commitment to superior customer service will ensure a successful implementation of your GIS.