The success of GIS projects relies heavily on the project lead’s ability to control costs and provide high-quality services and products on schedule. Having completed more than 450 GIS projects in the past 25 years, EI Technologies has gained the experience to successfully manage GIS projects ranging in scope from small two-person Needs Assessment and Implementation Planning projects to the implementation of enterprise GIS infrastructures involving tens of GIS consultants and technicians on a global basis. Download PDF Brochure of our Project Management services.

EI Technologies’ project managers use the principles of the Project Management Institute (PMI) as described in the Project Management Book of Knowledge and industry standards for the design and development of software applications, information security, and other technical products. Our project managers track project deliverables, expenses, resources, and schedules using such tools as Microsoft Project and a proprietary project management system.

The success of our projects is ensured through the creation and execution of project plans that document the activities and tasks associated with each project from the time of project inception to closure. Our project managers know exactly what tasks are being worked on at any time and the status of every project deliverable.

EI Technologies commonly completes GIS projects ahead of schedule and we have never missed a final delivery date. Our consultants will do whatever it takes to complete your project on time. Before a contract is signed, a project manager will be assigned to your project. This person will coordinate information exchanges between EI Technologies’ team and your implementation or project team to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of services and products.

EI Technologies’ project manager will be your single point of contact for project information and contractual issues. He or she will keep your project lead well informed about the project as we complete each and every task.

“We were impressed with EI Technologies’ commitment to the project and their staff’s demonstrated expertise in ArcGIS technology.”

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